Passion Projects 
Produced for fun, for free, with fellow creatives & without a production company/Student Projects

The Loop, Short Film by Tom Alner (2019)- Director of Photography
Servus, Short Film by Cory Thomas (2018)- Co-Director of Photography
Silence, Short film by Elizabeth Clutterbuck (2018)- Co-Director of Photography
The Ross's, Short Documentary (2016) - Director & Camera Operator
La Ultima Batallia, Short Film by Arles Neon (2016) - Behind the Scenes Photographer
Shleemazel, Short Film by Justin Sarinara (2016) - Behind the Scenes Photographer
Midknight, Short Film by Cory Thomas & Matthew Roud (2016)- Co-Director of Photography
Water in the Blood, Short Film by Alex Trimble (2016)- Director of Photography
The Nexus Project, Short Film by Alan Thurston (2016)- Director of Photography Winner of Best Cinematography at the AirTV Awards 2016